Updates from LeLe

3/21 Morning Call 

Decatur has implemented “Administrative Quarantine” furthering their lockdown practices.

The incarcerated mothers with babies have been released. Many had no where to go, LeLe heard some had been sent to shelters/hotels but has no way of confirming this. She’s worried for them. She’s worried for herself and those left caged.

They prison is doing “half and half’s,” based on odd and even room numbers, limiting who can leave their rooms to use phones, etc.

Mostly folx are being confined to unit. COs brought meals to people in cells on disposable trays. Limited access to gym is still being negotiated.

Email is down, completely. It stopped working on Friday. They’re getting server errors when trying to log onto tablets.

They received a notice last night about how the prison administration plans on handling this crisis that was vague. It promises “alternative programming for contracts and days” but doesn’t specify what or how.

The notice also stated that showers, GTL kiosks (video visits), commissary and the law library would still be accessible.

There is bleach to clean the phones finally. Though that cleaning labor has been put onto folx inside.

Midway through the call LeLe said: “Social distancing. Psh. All they talk about is social distancing. How the fuck is that supposed to work in here? I’ve got people less than a foot away from me right now!”

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