Updates from LeLe (9/23/20)

Last night Alisha had another video visit cancelled, but she was able to have one earlier in the week with another of our comrades and she was able to get a call out this morning with updates from “Hell” aka Logan Correctional. 

After almost all of her personal items (clothes, letters, food, photos, bedding, etc) was lost, destroyed or confiscated during her forced relocation to Logan, she’s had to spend considerable time building her necessary items back up. This means less money can be spent on buying edible food because she’s had to prioritize bedding, clothes, hygiene items and more. The prisons are limiting shopping/access to commissary and citing this as a “pandemic precaution.” What this actually looks like is folx having fewer access points to things they need to survive inside. 

Alisha still cites the increasingly deteriorating mental health of her fellow incarcerated community, calling the in-house counseling a joke a best and dangerous and harmful at worst. 

There’s little to no access to wifi for emails unless she’s allowed in the day room. The law library is still closed, another so-called “pandemic precaution.” 

There’s only one clothes dryer (which she said looks like it’s about to break down for good) for about 400 people to use, and everything must be washed by hand so that labor and the costs of detergents is taking its toll on everyone. 

Even still, she talks about trying to reach people, build herself up, think through how to reduce harm in the now and the fight to get everyone free.

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