Audio Interference + Survived & Punished NY podcast episode featuring Alisha!

Audio Interference 77.5: Archiving Abolition—Alisha Walker

Listen to the episode here.

Letters from Comrades on the Inside: In this episode, we hear from Alisha Walker, a comrade on the inside whose story is uplifted by Survived and Punished. She shares her experiences as an incarcerated person and her thoughts on justice and access to information.

This episode of Audio Interference is part of a series in collaboration with Survived & Punished NY, a coalition of defense campaigns and grassroots groups committed to eradicating the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and the culture of violence that contributes to it.

Visit to listen to more letters from Survived & Punished’s comrades on the inside, as well as a longer interview with two Survived & Punished members. Visit www.survivedandpunishedny.orgto read Survived & Punished NY’s newsletters and explore their work.

A huge thank you to Alisha Walker for sharing her story. We’d also like to thank Lae Sway, Yves Tong Nguyen, Heena, Zoe Vongtau, Red Schulte, Mariah Hill, and Martina Ilunga, along with everyone else at Survived & Punished, for working with us on this episode.

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