Alisha’s covid testing updates

Logan Prison COs are pulling Alisha and others off their unit this morning (12/10/20) for testing. She got a call out to Red and Sherri to let them know. If positive for covid, she likely won’t be able to call for 2 weeks because there’s only one phone on the so-called “quarantine” unit.

That “quarantine” unit is a catch all for all those who test positive, and of course there’s no increased care or personal safety for them. Just more of the same prison shit.

Another horrible thing: we have to wait to *not* hear from Alisha to know that she tested positive, since the prison isn’t offering ways to get word to loved ones outside about our people’s status or condition.

Alisha has also heard that the WiFi over there on that “sick unit” is spotty at best too, so she’s not sure about if she’ll be able to send emails or get video visits. Forever and ever, fuck prisons.

There’s a slim chance (but it’s still one we’re actively preparing and pushing for) that Alisha could come home in February. Please help us ensure she has what she needs:

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