Updates from Alisha as of this afternoon, 12/12/20:

Alisha has been moved to Housing Unit 4, the “sick unit.” She’s dealing with bad headaches now but no other change, it’s definitely covid, her test results came back positive.

For now, she can still call and email but is unsure about video visits because the GTL kiosk screen on the “sick unit” has been broken for awhile. She’s got friends in the “sick unit” too and will call again hopefully soon to give us a conditions update.

From the time she felt sick to now has been over 5 days, she said “I’ve just been giving this to everyone I guess.” She sends her love and also rage. There’s of course been no way to self-protect or distance to protect others inside prison.

We, along with countless others who have loved ones inside, have BEEN raising the alarm about the rate of those becoming sick and dying. It’s been time to FREE THEM ALL!

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