SxHx @ Zine Pavilion 2023!

💜See everyone at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, the biggest library event of the year, for Zine Pavilion! We’ll be tabling Friday evening and ALL day Saturday (June 23rd & June 24th)💜

We’re so grateful to our extended community for helping us get an org safety plan together to make this feel doable after experiencing stalking violence at Chicago Zine Fest — it’s up to us to keep each other safe(r)! We have care and response plans we’re working thru.

We’re also working with the volunteer organizers of zine pavilion on the prevention front! It’s not been ideal, but we believe they’re doing their best. We’ve shared resources and hope this activates more abolitionist anti-violence conversation/action for them and this event!

We believe in being prepared, since sex workers, queers and criminalized survivors know best the shape of violence and pervasive unsupportive responses to violence. But we know it’s still NOT OUR FAULT if something happens that our plans can’t anticipate.

Sending love and strength and rage to all those in the struggle that have to deal with stalking, doxxing, harassment, and online/offline attacks on top of surviving, organizing, living our lives best we can, and every other damn thing! We’re with you! It’s not your fault!

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