Our Second Year at LSZF!

The 7th annual Lone Star Zine Fest was such a blast!

Got to see some beautiful and powerful familiar faces and meet new zine pals. Everyone was so damn nice and supportive! We got to talk decrim and abolition with dozens of people and not one garbage thing was said to me!!! That’s literally never happened while tabling!!!! Incredible!!!

Totally over the moon that we got to debut the SxHx Year 7 (!!!!!!!) zine today! This was its first printing and first fest and people LOVED our collages and love-rant filled pages. So so thrilled to get to share this zine and those experiences in this affirming and supportive venue first. It felt damn good. It felt right.

Much appreciation and love to all the organizers who made today a reality! Huge congratulations to all the zinester vendors today—we really held it down, and in the sweltering heat no less!

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